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“We want to see our kids grow up in a healthier world… one not poisoned by plastic chemicals and processed foods. These delicious, organic spices from Laila Ali check all the mom boxes!”

- Katie Wells -

Founder and Chief Wellness Mama

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When you want to have Flavor Flavor Flavor in your food then these Knockout seasonings are a must have in your pantry. I have all 6. Laila you have mixed and matched these blends very well. Thank you Champ.

Lori H.

Turned Out On The Spices!

This is my second time buying the trio. I absolutely love them. I even saw your post of how you made your own marinade with your spices. I did it with my roast and it was an absolute hit at the table. Will be giving the trio to "my girls" who can get down in the kitchen as gifts.

Cheryl B.

Truly Greatest of all Times!!

This seasoning is surprisingly perfect for anything you decide to cook. I love it and plan on getting every seasoning available!!

Angela R.