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Cleanse With Friends

One of the best ways to successfully complete a wellness program is by enlisting someone to join you for support and accountability! Cleanse with a friend or partner and boost your immune system and relieve your body of toxic buildup that is weighing you down! Cleansing increases your energy level, improves digestion, fights cravings, and promotes weight loss.

This premium quality pharmaceutical grade detox is highly effective! It contains botanicals and herbs that are powerful but gentle, which makes the 14-Day Ultimate Cleanse the perfect wellness regimen to complete as often as needed.

Each day consists of two satisfying meal replacement drinks, two vitamin packs, a meal of your choice, and healthy snacks as needed! The drink mix contains 18 grams of highly concentrated protein sourced from organic pea protein.

Everything you need is in the box and includes a detailed program guidebook to help you plan your meals. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

Tip: If your goal is wellness and weight loss, complete the 14-Day Ultimate Cleanse and continue with YouPlenish Protein shakes (Paleo, Plant, or Collagen) which include a FREE Meal Planning Guide to help you reach your goals!

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