Luxurious Age-Defying Skincare

After years of getting questions about my skin care regimen, I decided to introduce my own line of age-defying products that feature my favorite ingredients. This collection of essential skincare products is designed to nourish, renew, and refresh your skin – all with clean, effective ingredients. Learn More

Nourish yourself, replenish your skin, and start glowing from the inside out!

Basic Maintenance Bundle

$99.00 Regular price $109.00

Basic Maintenance Bundle + Diamond Face Sculptor Set

$110.00 Regular price $134.00

Gold Collagen Patches


Daily Cleanser

$25.00 Regular price $29.00

Daily Moisturizer

$39.00 Regular price $45.00

Face Polish

$29.00 Regular price $35.00

Citrus Aloe Face Gel

$35.00 Regular price $38.00

Ultimate Therapy Crème

$45.00 Regular price $49.00

Eye Lift Cream

$39.00 Regular price $58.00

Brightening Serum

$49.00 Regular price $59.00

Vitamin C Serum

$49.00 Regular price $59.00

Eyelash Serum

$35.00 Regular price $45.00

Coco Sugar Lip Scrub

$19.99 Regular price $22.00

Nourishing Lip Treatment


Coco Sugar Lip Scrub & Nourishing Lip Treatment Set

$19.99 Regular price $25.00

Diamond Face Sculptor


Gentle Silicon Face Brush


Laila Ali Skin Care Storage Bag


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